Transfer hub snap to me

I would like to transfer ownership of the hub snap to myself. The current owner has agreed on the GitHub repo for the project:

My Snapcraft Store username is the same as here, felicianotech.

cc @roadmr

I am the owner of the hub snap. I created it because Canonical forced everyone to create at least one snap. Since creating it I have not been actively maintaining it. I’d be happy to relinquish the name.

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If this gets done, it looks like I’m also going to need permission to use Classic Confinement.

Hub is made by GitHub and is basically a wrapper for Git. Since there is no Git snap (and I tried to register git to make it myself but it said it was reserved), I am using the git stage-package.

This means it doesn’t have access to the Git creds at $HOME/.gitconfig since even with the :home interface, dotfiles aren’t accessible. This can be done with users having to configure git a second time, but that’s not ideal.

Also, Git, and thus, Hub, needs access to the SSH private keys, which on the Snapcraft Docs interfaces page, there isn’t one. If there’s ever a Git snap, which itself would need to be classic confined, then maybe hub doesn’t need to be. In the meantime, it looks like hub will need classic confinement.

I have transferred the snap to @FelicianoTech as requested, happy snapping!

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Please pull the request for classic confinement into it’s own thread, so that it may be easily reviewed as per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

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Created: Manual Review Requested - hub (classic confinement)