Transfer Freetube

Hey @review-team , i am publishing freetube as freetube-snap and had requested the name freetube as freetube-snap seems redundant plus recently i have got upstream acknowledgement, as per my knowledge no other person is publishing freetube but still i was told that someone else is maintaining it and only upstream involvement will allow transfer of snap name to me. As such i am opening this request as i am publishing freetube under upstream acknowledgement and need that name, happy to collaborate with the person holding this name but the reviewer didnt give any details regarding the snap name holder.

you can try to contact the author yourself …

shows a user named “daggr” currently owns it …

has a “contact this user” button at the top right …

Why was this snap not visible to me ?? I will keep this open as i dont think he is even active ??

you’ll know once he answers (or doesn’t) …

I will assume he doesnt ! and thus keep this open

@SamAlex can you link to upstream’s confirmation that they agree to have you maintaining the snap? (ideally in a github public comment/issue, I expect).


  • Daniel

@review-team The Upstream has now explicitly allowed using the name with earlier the indication being only allowing snaps as unofficial way of downloads. The discussion for confirmation can be found at -->

So do initiate the transfer of the name ASAP as this has been already delayed a lot. Thanks.

@review-team @verterok Any updates on this ? I am seeking for quick approval because it will be difficult for me to shift the daily increasing users of freetube-snap to freetube.

@review-team @tshinn @verterok Hey there can i know the reason for delay, a new release has been done of freetube, please initiate the transfer, this is stuck for months without any specific reason, i do have sought the upstream approval for maintenance than what is blocking this,as such please do it since i plan to release the new version under this name, it will be grateful.

Edit: I wont maintain or publish any releases of freetube snap until this is finalized, my time and patience is also limited :upside_down_face:

@SamAlex The transfer has been made. When you are ready to revoke the old snap, please log a new request in this forum. Thanks!

Thanks, finally :relieved: