Transfer certbot snap to EFF certbot account

Hello, I’ve just created an ubuntu one account for the certbot team under the email address I’d like to transfer the certbot snap from @rbasak’s account to this new account, so we can then add our individual team members as collaborators.

Please let me know if there’s any other authentication or information I can provide.

Erica Portnoy


Additionally, is there a way to verify the account to get that cool green checkmark?

Hi there,

can @rbasak please add as a collaborator to the snap? Please poke me here when done. This allows us to verify authorization and intent from both parts. Once done I’ll proceed with the transfer.

@popey can maybe help with that :wink:

  • Daniel
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Done. Thanks!

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Transfer is complete.

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  • Daniel

Thanks for helping us out with the transfer!

@popey, any update on the verification status?

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