Transfer budgie-welcome to upstream account

Hi there - while I was developing the snap for our (Ubuntu Budgie) I had registered budgie-welcome under my personal account (bashfulrobot). I am looking to transfer this over to our proper upstream account (ubuntu-budgie). At the time, I thought I could delete the snap from my account through the dashboard - but it looks like I cannot. What is the proper way to accomplish this? I’m looking to push a version today so that I can request classic confinement.

Thank you in advance.

With verified consent from both the current owner and desired owner, we can transfer the snap over, however the ubuntu-budgie account does not yet have a snap store username configured which is an essential prerequisite for owning any snaps. If you have access to the ubuntu-budgie account, please could you login to and configure a username?

thank you @sparkiegeek! This is now completed.

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@sparkiegeek can I whether this request can be completed soon please?

The Ubuntu 18.04 freeze deadline is a couple of weeks and we (ubuntu budgie) would like to both ask & hopefully granted classic permission for our welcome snap in a similar manner as the architecturally similar Ubuntu Mate welcome snap - Classic confinement request for Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique

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Thanks for that, unfortunately I note that the account still isn’t linked to an SSO account (

I apologise for the delay in responding, I’d hoped to track down exactly what steps are needed to tie the account to an SSO login. Perhaps you could find it through exploring?

Just so you know, I have to verify that both recipient and “donor” are genuinely accepting of the transfer request, since without the SSO link, I have no means of verifying you are who you claim to be (please don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just we need to have a secure procedure in place to prevent abuse).

This is odd. I have logged into the with the account. Maybe it might be easier to find with the email address?

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@sparkiegeek just for reference.

Transfer completed!

Thank you for your patience.

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yay! many thanks @sparkiegeek - much appreciated. @bashfulrobot next step!

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Thank you! Now I’ll get a copy published and request classic confinement!

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