Transfer all snaps from crossbario-old to crossbario

We recently created a new account using our “team” email address. The previous account that we were using is owned by @oberstet using his email address, we have now renamed that account to crossbario-old and the new account now has the username crossbario.

So we want to transfer all snaps that are owned by crossbario-old to crossbario.

The list of snaps includes (but not limited to):

  • crossbar
  • crossbar-pypy
  • crossbarfx

@roadmr apart from @oberstet’s approval comment here, is there anything else that’d be needed from us ?

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yes, I approve above! I’ve originally created/owned the “crossbario” account, that I now renamed to “crossbario-old”. Transferring the snap ownership to the new “crossbario” account created by Omer: +1!

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It also seems that even after we renamed our account to crossbario-old, the store still hasn’t “synced” that ? I think that is a bug at the store’s end ?


The process to change the details is a bit convoluted; it’s something we’re working on making more straightforward.

Could you try this in the meantime? it’s a workaround really.

  1. go to
  2. change your details as required
  3. save
  4. go to
  5. logout
  6. login
  7. go to
  8. change details again
  9. save

Let me know if it works. If it doesn’t, there might be an extra step I need to perform on my side.

Also I’ll process the transfers for the 3 snaps you mentioned tomorrow.

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@oberstet when you have some time, could you please give that a go ?

@roadmr thanks for looking into this. Hope you find the time to do the transfer today

Hi there,

things seem to be a bit messy, presumably because of the username change. I’m seeing these snaps owned by what seems to be the old account:

  • crossbar
  • crossbar-pypy
  • crossbarfx
  • autobahn-python

and these two already owned by the new account

  • thinghub
  • hub-adapter-sample

Can you confirm this matches what you expect? If so, I would transfer the first four snaps to the account that owns the last two.

  • Daniel

Yes, that does look correct and is expected. Please do the transfer :+1:

Done, you should be all set.

  • Daniel

awesome, thanks a lot Daniel!

I’ve followed steps 4 - 9 in above. the dialog allowed me to change the snapstore name … once.

now, when I’m logged in, the snapstore username is “crossbario-old”, which is correct (the new crossbario is the one Omer created).

to me, all seems good now (though I’m no snap expert … Omer is) … hope it works.

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