Track requests for root-framework

Hello snapcraft

I’d like to request tracks for the first time for the root-framework snap.

ROOT is a tool primarily used in high energy physics for analysis and data presentation. Architecturally it is rather unique, consisting of a C++ interpreter that is used to interface with the core classes to manipulate its functionality (having *-dev packages in the stage-packages isn’t even a mistake for this snap!). As a result, it frequently undergoes changes that might be backwards incompatible or otherwise introduce instability/regressions an end user may prefer to avoid dealing with; especially given these end users may tend towards being students undergoing university accreditation or otherwise contributing to research, and with limited time may have a desire for stability that tracks provide.

ROOTs releases are predictable and use the format where even numbered releases are considered stable. See here ; on average there’s two to three large releases per year. The name minor should be taken in the context of semantic versioning, each release is months of work with rather significant changes between each.

My current plan is to publish tracks for each minor release, E.G, v6.22 and track the latest patch release for each

And so I’d like to request:

v6.22 (The current stable release, which is soon to be replaced by v6.24) v6.24 (The upcoming stable release currently in release candidate and going to drop in the next few weeks)

And hopefully set up that precedent that means there’s less overhead in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the consideration!

Thanks for the detailed explanation - given the above, I’m +1 to creating these tracks.

We’ll allow a few days for other reviewers to comment and process these once we have at least one more +1 vote.

Absolutely, subsequent track requests that conform to this pattern are eligible for the simplified process - I usually create those on sight, the only waiting period is waiting for me to read the post :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

@reviewers could someone chime in on this request?

  • Daniel

+1 to both tracks from me.

I’ve created the v6.22 and v6.24 tracks, they’re available for use now.

  • Daniel