Track request: new 1.4 track for ldc2 snap package

I’d like to request a new track named 1.4 for the ldc2 snap package, please.

Thanks & best wishes,

-- Joe

Hello again!

The process outlined here applies to track requests as well, (see the first post only). This allows reviewers and architects to chime in on the request.

Per that process, could you please provide the store URLs or mention the publisher and snap name for your snap if it already exists? (if not, just mention it so we can consider whether to pre-create the tracks).

Also, as with the dmd track request, could you explain the need for tracks for this new version? While this sounds more clear-cut than dmd (since ldc2 has 1.3 and 1.4 releases), this information will help in making the decision. Remember tracks are meant to allow users to receive updates to an earlier release of the software, on which they need to stay because of data incompatibility or other reasons.


  • Daniel

Hello! Actually… the ldc2 1.4 track was already created (by a reviewer - like I said, this seemed more clear-cut and matches precedent e.g. the tracks we’ve created for Go’s minor releases). SO please disregard my first reply. Apologies for the confusion! Enjoy your track!

  • Daniel

Thanks! I’ll make sure to follow the procedure more closely for future requests.