Track request - multipass/core16


Hi, we’d like to request a core16 track for Multipass.

We’re moving to base: core18, but in certain cases manual intervention is required (see related discussion here) before the user can do the move.

For that we wanted to maintain a core16 track to which the user could temporarily refresh, resolve the problem and go back to the new version. We’d close the track after a transition period.


Track request - network-manager/core18

As you mentioned on the related discussion, epochs might be a good fit, since preventing updates to newer snaps without going through a “transition” snap that can handle both user data formats/cases is precisely what epochs were designed for. I know @chipaca was working on epochs support on snapd, if he says it’s ready maybe it would fit your use case better.

In any case, +1 from me, keeping the old release on a compatibility track fits the tracks use case reasonably well and if you decide to use epochs instead, we can always not create the track requested here :slight_smile:

The standard practice would be tell users that, if they want to stay on the old snap, they should explicitly switch to track core16, so they can then migrate at a convenient time for them.

There’s a 7-day waiting period to gather more votes (we need at least two positive votes from reviewers/architects); once the time has elapsed, I’ll check and act as per the state of voting at that time.


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+1 lalalalalalalala

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The core16 track has been added.