Track request for prometheus

I’d like to request creation of 2 tracks for the prometheus snap. Can you please create tracks called simply “1” and “2”?

@jacek What are those numbers about?


Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we need votes from reviewers/architects before creating these tracks. The information requested by Gustavo will help make informed decisions/votes.

Looking at Prometheus’ download page, they do have a 1.7 (potentially 1.x) series, and a 2.0 (potentially 2.0) series. Is this the intented meaning of those numbers? Will you be OK pigeonholing all 1.x releases under “1” and all 2.x releases under ‘2’? (for instance if you will later want a track for 2.1, maybe the current request should be for 1.7 and 2.0).


@roadmr yes your guess is correct. I’d like track “1” for 1.x releases and “2” for 2.x releases.

Reason for this split is that prometheus 2 uses new metric storage format which is not backwards compatible. There are currently no plans to support data migration between prometheus 1 and 2.

Pigeonholing all 1.x under “1” and 2.x under “2” will work great. The project currently does not have LTS-style releases so users have to upgrade to latest version for bugfixes and new features. I started building prometheus snaps at v1.1.1 and upgrades always worked, it’s currently on 1.7.1

Thanks for the explanation!

+1 from me as reviewer on tracks named “1” and “2”. We have precedent for this, so it’s reasonable.

Could other reviewers/architects please chime in so we can have the required number of votes?


Sounds clear, +1 from me as well.

@jacek I’ve just created the “1” and “2” tracks for Prometheus.


  • Daniel

Thank you very much!