Track request for gaming-graphics-core22

I’d like to request 3 new tracks be created for the gaming-graphics-core22 snap, these will be used for the steam snap users to select level of risk vs aggressiveness for mesa.

  • kisak-fresh
  • kisak-turtle
  • oibaf-latest

Hi there,

I’d like to understand a bit more about how you intend to use these tracks.

“select level of risk” sounds like a better fit for native snap risks, right?

What does the first component of the track name mean?

  • Daniel

These track names come from PPA names. The PPAs are well known sources for linux gamers to get their builds of mesa from. We feel like many users will enjoy being able to switch to tracks that they are already familiar yet, without the need to pollute their host with these versions. In this case risk level is an overloaded term, it really more about how aggressive of a build do they want. We’ll want to use the various risk levels for each track as well, as part of our testing and release process. For example, we’ll promote oibaf-latest/candidate to oibaf-latest/stable. We’ll never promote binaries built from kisak to an oibaf. I hope that helps!

thanks - if the tracks represent a set of choices and not necessarily evolution and deprecation of the snap (which is the typical with chronological, versioned tracks), and these match well-known PPA names, I think it’s fair to have the tracks with these names. There’s also precedent for similar patterns in snaps that have “insider” tracks or similar constructs.

+1 from me to grant these, let’s poke other @reviewers for opinions.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - these names are familiar to the target audience of the snap.

Hi, I’ve gone ahead and created these tracks.

  • Daniel