Track request - checkbox-snappy-classic

I would like to request a pair of tracks to be added to “checkbox-snappy-classic” (FoVyYNVKNAjEdFNgDJIHjdZlOxrvWYDi)

Track names “16” and “18”.

This snap is used for testing images both internal and externally. The snap is used to support testing of classic/server images for reference devices and we have identified reasons for the snap to be built against the corresponding releases and core snaps. Using tracks seems the best way to work with this going forward.This matches the scheme for other snaps published by the Certification team.


+1, track names make sense and match the corresponding series.

+1 from me, there’s precedent from the Certification team and the track names clearly scope each build with desirable “long-time supported release” semantics, though ostensibly it continues to be mostly the same snap definition (snapcraft.yaml).

Since my vote is the needed 2nd vote and the waiting period has already elapsed (sorry for the delay!) I have created the tracks, which can now be used.


  • Daniel
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