Track rename for coq-prover

we recently asked for the creation of the v8.13 track for coq-prover, and it was granted, thank you for that. In the meanwhile we have decided to switch to a “new” release process which will follows the Ubuntu schema YYYY.MM.X (for reference see Coq Enhacement Proposal 52). The frequency of releases/track creation is staying at twice per year.

Would it be possible to rename track v8.13 to 2021.02 ?
Or, would it be possible to create 2021.02 now and eventually suppress v8.13 ?

Best regards


Since you’ve already published a build to 8.13, it would be safer to leave the track in place and create a new one for 2021.02. snapcraft close coq-prover 8.13/beta should close that risk on 8.13, and I think if all risks are closed, the track will be invisible to users, which is good to avoid confusion. You should ideally do the transition as soon as possible, to avoid a lot of users getting “stuck” on track 8.13. I also suggest notifying users (via your page, blog or other notification channel) that the 8.13 track is obsolete and they should move to the new track (I think snap refresh coq-prover --channel=2021.02/beta or somesuch should do it).

Meanwhile, I’ve created the 2021.02 track since it’s still consistent with previous usage for this snap, it just changes the name a bit. You can use it now :slight_smile: (remember the track is there but empty, you need to publish a revision to it).

  • Daniel