Track creation for coq-prover

I’d like to have a 8.13 track created for coq-prover.

Coq’s release cycle is currently 6 months long, see
Each release typically receives a few minor updates for 6 months. My impressions is that we will not need more than 2 active tracks (in addition to latest).

Upgrading from, say, 8.12.x and 8.13.0, is not zero cost for the user, since some incompatibilities are introduced: this is my main motivation in asking tracks, so that one can stick with a version for a while and plan the switch.

Feel free to ask any question about our release process.

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+1 from me, your description of the use case fits tracks functionality.

We’ll need to allow a few days for other @reviewers to vote, I’ll create the tracks after the usual waiting period.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too for those tracks for coq-prover

+1 from me too: as a Coq user, I agree with the description that was made of the use case.

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Thanks for your patience. Track 8.13 for coq-prover has been created based on the reviewer/community votes.

  • Daniel