Timely Chromium updates for Raspberry Pi ARM64

The updates for ARM64 Chromium lag behind those of x86-64 by a week or more, often. Since chromium often includes security updates, it would be nice if ARM64 updates same out at the same time as the X86-64, for both candidate and release. That would seem to be an easy thing to build both at the same time.

A week or more is a bit of an exaggeration. Updates for armhf and arm64 typically lag behind amd64 by 2-3 days, simply because they take much longer to build in Launchpad’s infrastructure, and because Google provides a pre-built toolchain for x86-64 only (whereas it has to be built as part of the snap’s build process for other architectures).
Builds are being triggered for all architectures at the same time. Thanks for your patience!


Ok, understood. Its good to know how that works. Thanks for your response.