Thunderbird version

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I think we need a backport of gnupg, the version in 16.04 is too old.

Maybe we need to use package gnupg2 instead (version 2.1.11-6ubuntu2.1 in xenial):

I’m testing thunderbird edge (27). Kudos to the package maintainers, impressive progress since last time I tried it!

It seems that there is still an issue with enigmail support, it doesn’t see any of my keys, even though I did manually connect the gpg-keys interface. This is the last roadblock preventing me from switching to the snap package and enjoy Thunderbird updates decoupled from the distro :slight_smile:

Another remaining issue is that it doesn’t seem to have access to evolution-data-server and thus it’s not possible to connect to an EWS calendar using the exquilla extension (EWS email works fine though). This is a non-critical issue as far as I’m concerned however.

Longer term I think Thunderbird is one of the apps that would benefit tremendously from xdg-desktop-portal support, is there currently any ETA for that feature?

Thanks again for the great job.

in standard ubuntu 18.04, thunderbird version is now 60.2.1.

snap versions are 58.0b3 (beta) and 60.0 (edge).

Need update apparently.