Thunderbird version

snap info works for uninstalled snaps (though there was a store outage today that might have hit you)

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I enter $ snap info thunderbird in a terminal and come back with a command not found…

The dollar sign indicates it’s a command you type in a terminal, where the prompt often has a $ at the end. It indicates you should copy and paste everything after the dollar, but not including the dollar sign. It’s a convention among Linux nerds that’s been passed down for generations. Sorry about that :smiley:

Just type it without the dollar.

snap info thunderbird
name:      thunderbird
summary:   Mozilla Thunderbird email application
publisher: Ken VanDine
license:   unset
description: |
  Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize
  - and it’s loaded with great features!
  - thunderbird
snap-id:      k1Ml1O9GzSO2QftV0ZlWSbUfQ78nN460
tracking:     edge
refresh-date: 16 days ago, at 04:03 BST
  stable:    –                 
  candidate: –                 
  beta:      58.0b3 (3)  130MB -
  edge:      60.0   (15) 137MB -
installed:   60.0   (15) 137MB -

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I guess @1bbrazie wants to know about thunderbird before installing snapd itself? In which case,

I tried thunderbird(15) from the edge channel.
There are two main issues as far as I could see. Firstly, using communitheme, Thunderbird’s UI is all messed up and unusable. Secondly, it’s impossible to use Enigmail as Thunderbird simply doesn’t see GnuPG. Once that’s resolved, I’m looking forward to using Thunderbird from snap though.

NB: If you guys are short of time or manpower to address these issues, I’m willing to help.

Yikes, that looks awful with the communitheme.

Don’t see where it says what version it is there.

Ah, Thanks you.
Still don’t know if the calendar add on works with the snap version or is even available.

The thunderbird snap has a problem with community theme and apart from that, it is only in English. Plans to translate it to several languages?

I have a fix for the visual appearance with Yaru (aka community theme), @kenvandine please consider merging it.

@1bbrazie: the calendar add-on seems to be bundled with the thunderbird snap indeed.

@Lvaskz: the snap doesn’t ship any language pack. I tried adding a language pack but I didn’t manage to get thunderbird to pick it up (even though it was found and exposed in the extensions UI). This requires more investigation.

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@oSoMoN I’ve merged your fix for the theme, thanks! It should build into the edge channel soon.

The snap is being built from the thunderbird en_US upstream released binary. I suspect this limits languages in some way, not sure. Ideally we’d like upstream to integrate the snap into their release process like Mozilla did for firefox.

I updated to the edge channel and I confirm that the theme issue seems to be solved. Thank you for the fix!

Now the only real showstopper for me is the broken GnuPG support. Is there any ETA for that?

I tried to install the enigmail extension in the thunderbird snap, but initialization failed:

Enigmail initialization failed.

You are using GnuPG version 1.4.20, which is not supported anymore. Enigmail requires GnuPG version 2.0.14 or newer. Please upgrade your GnuPG installation, or Enigmail will not work.

So this needs to be sorted out. And I guess we will need to add the gpg-keys plug too.

This other thread might be relevant.

Confirmed, looks great on Ubuntu 18.04 with Yaru.

wasn’t Yaru! the name of a search engine pioneer back in the 90s? Had adverts where someone would yell “Yaruuuuuuu!”…

… or was that “Yahoo!”…?

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I think we need a backport of gnupg, the version in 16.04 is too old.

Maybe we need to use package gnupg2 instead (version 2.1.11-6ubuntu2.1 in xenial):

I’m testing thunderbird edge (27). Kudos to the package maintainers, impressive progress since last time I tried it!

It seems that there is still an issue with enigmail support, it doesn’t see any of my keys, even though I did manually connect the gpg-keys interface. This is the last roadblock preventing me from switching to the snap package and enjoy Thunderbird updates decoupled from the distro :slight_smile:

Another remaining issue is that it doesn’t seem to have access to evolution-data-server and thus it’s not possible to connect to an EWS calendar using the exquilla extension (EWS email works fine though). This is a non-critical issue as far as I’m concerned however.

Longer term I think Thunderbird is one of the apps that would benefit tremendously from xdg-desktop-portal support, is there currently any ETA for that feature?

Thanks again for the great job.

in standard ubuntu 18.04, thunderbird version is now 60.2.1.

snap versions are 58.0b3 (beta) and 60.0 (edge).

Need update apparently.