Thunderbird has no service

I installed Thunderbird edge and when I wanted to start it, the message came : " erreur : snap “thunderbird” has no services ", I tried with the beta version and the same error occurred.

what should I do?

Just run thunderbird rather than snap start thunderbird.

snap start is for starting daemons provided by a snap, but thunderbird is a desktop application so you instead run it like any other application.

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It’s worth noting that thunderbird may be in your path from a non-snap installation, ahead of the snap, so you may need to use snap run. Note snap run and snap start are different commands and that’s likely where this confusion occurred.

alan@KinkPad-K450:~$ snap start
error: the required argument `<service> (at least 1 argument)` was not provided
alan@KinkPad-K450:~$ snap run
error: need the application to run as argument

thank you, solved it seems