Theme of Qt5 app broken in 18.10

My Qt5 app seems to be very ugly on 18.10. Is there anything I can do about it? It looked “ok” on 18.04.

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Could be similar to this issue KeepassXC broken gtk theme as of 2.3.4 (despite the issue title, it’s a Qt app).

As I see it there’s no clear solution to the problem in that discussion.

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My understanding is that they fixed it by building the snap with the core18 (Ubuntu 18.04) base. Here’s the commit that’s referenced in the Keepassxc bug:

Does that work on Ubuntu 16.x then? Actually it seems they are using Ubuntu 18.04 to build and deploy in Launchpad which somehow fixed the issue. I tried to switch to core18 and build in Docker/Ubuntu 16.04 and the theme is still broken.

Yes, it would use core18 base snap on whatever OS version.

Hmm, yeah, it may have been the Launchpad part that fixed it.

Building on Launchpad indeed fixes the issue. But I have no idea why.

You need to build it in an Ubuntu 18.04 environment. Snapcraft version 3.0 should fix these kind of issues, by using virtual machines to do the builds: