Theme Fallback

Are there plans on having the snap theme fallback to the theme that mostly resembles it. In Ubuntu Unity remix, there’s a “Yaru-Unity” theme.



the developers of Yaru-Unity-Dark should try to get it included in the gnome snap extensions, then it should be picked up fine …

What about the color schemes of a theme, which Breeze, Yaru, & Adwaita support? As of this moment, my context menus highlights on Snaps are still blue (don’t have a Qt snap to test with) with Breeze.

And what about Kvantum themes or Moe theme, which aren’t on Snaps, IIRC? It’d be great if Qt themes would fallback on Breeze, like how most GTK apps fallback on Adwaita.

Here’s an example of VLC snap (edge channel) running on Unity desktop:

VLC snap (edge channel) on Plasma desktop:

It’d be great if the default Qt file picker in GTK DEs would be the one from Plasma as opposed to that 90s looking one.

Also, it’d be great if the icons would fallback to a user-preferred theme, or even the developer-preferred theme.

I like the Candy Icons theme, which isn’t supported by Snap.

you can just package it :wink:

here is an example of an additional theme:

should be possible with any theme you like …

once packaged you just need to ask for auto-connection of the theme interfaces and you (as well as everyone else liking this theme) should be able to switch all your snaps to it:

What are the steps to create qt themes ?? I ts not the same as gtk one , i have snapped papirus icon theme, and would like to snap kvantum themes but it wont work if we snap it like the gtk one. So if anyone could give me some insight on how do i snap qt themes like kvantum ones i would willingly pack it for snap, there are several roadblocks for qt theming, snaps like vlc doesnt use kde-neon sdk and as such lack plugs for gtk-common-themes etc. How do i theme such snaps ?? , Currently only 3 qt styles (breeze,fusion and windows ) is available, how do i create the kvantum one, it cant be run and built as similar to the gtk one, qt theming on snaps apart from kde plasma sucks, so if anyone can help me guide in providing qt theming styles kvantum it would be really great