The Things Stack (tti-lw-stack) rpi 4 configuration

Hi guys.
I installed The Things Stack via snapcraft. Does anyone know the configuration of tti-lw-stack? Has anyone already done this on the rpi? Any hint or link would be helpful … Many Thanks

Have you tried asking here ?

Thanks for the hint. But yes, I’ve already tried it there. So far, however, no answer.

what hardware do you have ? i have a RAK packetforwarder snap i’m using with TTN that was built for the RAK2245 Pi HAT that you could use …

(the rak specific snap has not been uploaded yet but the source is here: … a package with a slightly different scope but similar source can also be found as

Hardware: Raspberry 4b 8GB RAM
But: I don’t want to build a gateway with the rpi, just a lora network server (LNS) with TTNv3.
As a gateway I use the MikroTik LoRaWAN - wAP LoRa8 kit.

ah, k, then my snap would indeed be useless for you …

does sadly also not have a lot of info (but a bit at least) …