The projects I've failed to snap

On every new snapcraft release, I look for random free software projects that will help us test the new features and bug fixes that we are releasing.

When I get a working snap, I submit it upstream to see if they want to publish it in the store. But when the snap fails, I just used to stop tracking it.

There is a lot to learn from the projects that are hard to snap, so I will use this post to keep track of the snaps that I fail to complete, with my notes and findings.

I will also add here the snaps rejected by upstreams, which is a different kind of failure.

:red_circle: gistup :red_circle: truffle


:x: waltz :x: aframe :x: jaeger :x: gopass :x: legit :x: truffle :x: speed-test :x: qgis :x: vault :x: cf :x: tezos :x: :x: rasterio

Solved: :white_check_mark: gox :white_check_mark: tig

gistup: Create a gist from terminal, then use git to update it.

The first problem with this snap was that it wanted to read /etc/mailname. This was reported in bug #1630690, which is now resolved.

The problem now is that in order to make this snap useful, it needs to access $HOME/.gitconfig. That is being discussed here:

@elopio Thanks for the feedback, but instead of creating a long lived thread, it would be much nicer to have individual topics for the actual issues you find. Otherwise this becomes a catch-all post that has no actual focus in its content, and becomes apparently uninteresting but it’s actually just burring the interesting content under a mixed unlabeled conversation.

I’m creating topics, replies, bugs and pull requests, depending on each case. I don’t thing this buries the topics, I think it’s a nice index. Maybe the forum is not the place for that index, so if you don’t want it here, I’ll keep it on my gist. I personally prefer to have it where other people can see it, instead of my private space.

If it’s just an index, then it sounds like a fine idea. If it evolves into a long topic discussing random issues, then it’d be better to have an independent topic for the individual points. In either case, there’s no need to move anywhere else. Just trying to help organize things in a way we and others can digest more easily.

I’ve moved my list to gist, because I can no longer edit this post.