The app installed by snap can not activate the input method

My os is openSUSE Leap 42.3, and using the KDE desktop, I installed some applications, for example atom and skype.

But I can not activate the input method (like fcitx) to write Chinese.

If I install the skype by the rpm package (not via snap), it can activate the input method.

So, who know this problem?


Currently, only IBus input method framework is compatible with snap apps (requires packager involvement), Fcitx is being working on but not yet AFAICT.

Refer Call for testing Musescore 2.2.0 - snap - for more info.

Thanks for you replay.

Hmm, but skype is a classic snap, shouldn’t fcitx just work without special
treatment from packager? Fcitx works for me in the skype snap.

Some snaps do not allow input from fcitx, such as signal-desktop. I suspect
it is because the fcitx immodule is not included in the snap.