Test suite to install popular snaps

I would like to discuss if as part of snapd we should test/check the instalation of popular snaps. Also when/how execute this tests.

I already implemented a test which is installing snaps from the store and found an Issue in branch Release/2.27 related to assertions.

Also we could have a test suite out of snapd that we run regularly (not for every commit), to periodically check this.


Here there is a branch with the implemented test:

Here there is a list with the snaps tested:

# High Profile
INSTALL/azurecli: azure-cli --classic
INSTALL/awscli: aws-cli --classic
INSTALL/heroku: heroku --classic
INSTALL/hiri: hiri  
INSTALL/kubectl: kubectl --classic
INSTALL/rocketchatserver: rocketchat-server
# Selected from recent insights posts
INSTALL/corebird: corebird
INSTALL/gitterdesktop: gitter-desktop
INSTALL/helm: helm
INSTALL/mattermostdesktop: mattermost-desktop
INSTALL/mentaplexmediaserver: menta-plexmediaserver
INSTALL/openspades: openspades
INSTALL/pintown: pin-town
INSTALL/postgresql10: postgresql10
INSTALL/storjshare: storjshare
INSTALL/slackterm: slack-term
INSTALL/vectr: vectr
INSTALL/wekan: wekan
INSTALL/wormhole: wormhole
# Featured snaps in Ubuntu Software
INSTALL/anboxinstaller: anbox-installer --classic
INSTALL/lxd: lxd    
# Top non canonical snaps
INSTALL/atom: atom --classic
INSTALL/conjureup: conjure-up --classic
INSTALL/discord: discord
INSTALL/docker: docker
INSTALL/etcd: etcd
INSTALL/geocoder: geocoder --edge
INSTALL/gimp: gimp --beta    
INSTALL/huggle: huggle
INSTALL/hugo: hugo
INSTALL/ia: ia --edge
INSTALL/kurly: kurly
INSTALL/micro: micro --beta
INSTALL/nikola: nikola
INSTALL/parity: parity --edge
INSTALL/paritybitcoin: parity-bitcoin --edge
INSTALL/remmina: remmina
INSTALL/telegramsergiusens: telegram-sergiusens
INSTALL/zeronet: zeronet
INSTALL/zeronetjs: zeronet-js --beta    
# Top canonical snaps
INSTALL/bare: bare --edge
INSTALL/bluez: bluez
INSTALL/gedit: gedit
INSTALL/go: go --classic
INSTALL/juju: juju --classic
INSTALL/neutron: neutron --edge
INSTALL/nova: nova --edge
INSTALL/snapcraft: snapcraft --beta --classic
INSTALL/solc: solc
INSTALL/vault: vault

Hello @cachio!

Here is the repo with the snapcraft tests for upstream snaps:

I will add there the ones that we don’t have from your list.
I think it would be nice to keep the list in your forum post, instead of the separate paste. That way you can update it as new snaps appear.

Nice, I created this list based on the input that @popey provided and the information got from grafana kpi dashboad. It is attached to this post now.
I’ll add the execution of the test to the nightly build once it is approved.

Looks good, are we pushing for health checks in snapd or working on doing sanity checks in the testbed?

Also, conjure-up is from Canonical :wink:

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