Temporary classic confinement approval for magma-access-gateway


On behalf of Telco team, I’d like to ask your approval for magma-access-gateway to temporarily be a classic snap.
Magma Access Gateway is essentially a complete LTE/5G core network developed by the Magma community. The Access Gateway (AGW) provides network services and policy enforcement. In an LTE network, the AGW implements an evolved packet core (EPC), and a combination of an AAA and a PGW. It works with existing, unmodified commercial radio hardware.

The main reasons for this request is the fact that in current shape, AGW deployment requires, among other things, changes in GRUB, removing netplan from the system and replacing it with networking service.

Telco team works closely with Magma community to adjust AGW to the requirements of the strictly confined snap. We’re not quite there yet, but at the same time we’d like to start showing the solution to potential customers, hence we’re asking for a temporary approval of a classic confinement for magma-access-gateway snap.

Thank you.


I wonder if this would be better suited as a deb since generally snaps are not able to install packages on the system etc - however, given the nature of this as a single purpose development tool (ie it is not expected to be used widely but only for a single targeted use-case/application), this fits the precedent of other historical classic snaps like juju and multipass which were initially granted classic confinement but have since moved to being strictly confined, as well as say fwupd which also has to make low-level changes to the system (however these snaps all have more general-purpose use-cases than magma-access-gateway which lends more credence to this snap being granted classic due to the targeted audience).

To change grub I suspect you could use system-files, however I am not sure there are plans for a snap interface to allow changing system installed packages - can you provide any more details on why this cannot integrate with netplan?

Also are there any plans to publish this under the Canonical account or do you wish to stick to your personal account?

The requirements for classic confinement are understood, I have vetted the publisher. This is now live. Future revisions should pass automated review.

Hello Alex,

The core part of Magma Access Gateway is already a deb package in fact. We decided to create a snap mostly because of its interactivity. First of all AGW deployment process has 3 parts - installation, configuration and post-installation checks. Snap gives us possibility to expose these actions to the operator in a clear way - magma-access-gateway.install, magma-access-gateway.configure, etc. Second, some deployment steps need to be fed with configuration parameters. With snap, it’s just as simple as passing these parameters as arguments for particular action call.

As for the netplan integration, we don’t know the details yet, but as I mentioned, we’re working with the Magma community to get things straight here and in our backlog, we already have tasks to adjust AGW implementation so that it is able to use netplan.

Whether to publish AGW under Canonical account or not is not my call actually. I guess after turning our snap to strict confinement, it would be desired to make Canonical official publisher of this snap, but since we’re not there yet, I think I’ll keep it published from my personal account. @mamazur, @gruyaume please comment if you have different view on that.

Thank you for the approval!


we want to publish it under Canonical account , as this is a part of one of our key telco products and private mobile networks offering. This is also the main reason why we want to have is as a snap, as this would make it easier to support in future.

BR, Maciek