Telegram Desktop 2.3 stable still is not available

Could you please update to ver 2.3?
It already stable version


the snap is maintained by Telegram themselves, there is a “Contact Telegram FZ-LLC” link on, you should use it to ask on their bugtracker …

(EDIT: also note that the last build in the edge channel is from 4days ago, i assume it will be updated soon)


Thanks a lot) I will do it.

Looking into there is info:

latest/stable 2.2.0-1-gfe639078a 26 July 2020
latest/beta 2.1.21-beta-63-g5655ad25b 24 July 2020
latest/edge 2.2.0-33-g4ba7de8df 14 August 2020

Interesting beta version is older then stable. Steps to release should go from edge --> beta --> candidate --> stable channels. Not the best practice beta be older then stable version.

Github version released 4 days ago is version 2.3 which is newer then even latest/edge in snaps.

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