Tcp-server-client-tool on the Pi

I have installed snap on my Pi 4 and tested it with hello-world.
I have then installed “tcp-server-client-tool” and found it does exist in the /snap directory and snap can list it’s attributes and contents.

However I can’t run it … I think I’m missing a point somewhere. Should I be able to find documentation somewhere in this system ?
Can somebody help please.
I hope to use this program to test some simple IoT kit.

Many thanks

looks like an issue with the snap itself (it does not define any apps in its snapcraft.yaml it seems) …

has a contact link to contact the author … he/she should really not release such a snap to the stable channel …

I’ve sent an email to the linked address.
Best regards

note that snap info <snapname> shows all binaries and services for any installed snap, so if you dont find commands shipped by a snap easily, you can check with this command …