SystemD generates Error due to permissions outside the container

So I am trying to figure out how to change the following so that it has the proper permissions.

I do note that there is a systemd directory INSIDE the container.

Should I be moving the systemd configuration to the systemd directory inside the container?

This is the message I am gettting.

systemctl start /home/stevena/anbox-2/anbox/scripts/anbox-session-manager.service Failed to start home-stevena-anbox\x2d2-anbox-scripts-anbox\x2dsession\x2dmanager.service.mount: Unit home-stevena-anbox\x2d2-anbox-scripts-anbox\x2dsession\x2dmanager.service.mount not found.

I am looking for a way of doing this that will be ok with snaps.

Thanks in advance for the help!