Swach 0.7.1 will not launch

I have had a working Snap for Swach for awhile now, but in the most recent release, when I click the icon in Ubuntu, it does not launch the app. If I manually install the .deb file, Swach will run. Did something recently change around permissions for snap or something that might be causing this?


I ran snap run swach and got some errors. What is the fix for this?


@ogra @lucyllewy how can I get some help here?

Looks like swach is built against a libc newer than what is provided in core18.

How is it being built?

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@cjp256 I am using https://github.com/davidwinter/electron-forge-maker-snap

that seems to hardcode base: core18 in its snapcraft.yaml template … so you can only build snaps on an 18.04 system with this tool. creating your snaps on any other release with it will cause libc issues