Supporting parallel installs on desktop (also, classic)

I’m sat at the Snapcraft Summit with the developers of the Julia snap. It’s quite common for users of Julia to have multiple versions installed in parallel. It’s a classic snap - common for languages, and has a couple of desktop shortcuts. One for launching the documentation and one to launch Julia itself in a terminal.

What’s the plan of record to support classic desktop snaps in parallel install scenarios. We’ve had a few occasions where people would like to support this feature, especially where they have fast moving edge channels and more stable releases, which users desire having installed simultaneously.

<inside joke> Hey, @popey, Have we met? I’m sat at one of those funky things, too.

Have we even got a plan of record for side-by-side classic snaps?

We will work on parallel installs for classic this cycle. Maybe @zyga-snapd can go into the technical details, its going to be a bit tricky because we need to put a minimal filesystem namespace around the classic snap.

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Same thing was brought up here: Simultaneous installs of same snap, different versions