Supporting Fedora base with new Snapcraft

I saw the blog post today announcing the development of a new Snapcraft, and I’m excited to see a revitalization of the Snapcraft project!

Something that I’ve wanted to have is the ability for Snapcraft to build snaps using a Fedora base. Over the years, I’ve tried to add the functionality, but the codebase was so messy and deeply tied with Ubuntu assumptions that I could not untangle it to make it work.

So, a request from me: as the new Snapcraft is being developed, could we have both Fedora and Ubuntu bases accounted for during its development, so that RPM distro support could be accounted for throughout the codebase? (For what it’s worth, DNF has been available in the Ubuntu archive since Ubuntu 21.04, so the Ubuntu 22.04 based snapcraft snap can depend on it.)

Eventually, I’d like to not only support Fedora through my work in the Fedora Cloud Working Group (WG), but also offer a CentOS base snap as part of my work in the CentOS Hyperscale Special Interest Group (SIG).