Support for wayland interface

Hi everyone! Are there any plans to run wayland apps on ubuntu core? If yes, it may bring nice stuff like transactional updates to the desktop given that we can run ubuntucore in a container. Yes / no?

We definitely plan to add a wayland interface (this is on the short term roadmap after just a couple critical/high priority items) for snaps to plug on classic distro. If someone wanted to create a slot implementation for wayland, then we could extend this upcoming interface and the wayland slot implementation snap could be installed on core (much like how people can install mir-kiosk today on core which provides the slot implementation for snaps toplugs mir). Others would need to comment on if a wayland slot implementation is planned or not.

An interface supporting wayland certainly sounds interesting. Just a matter of finding someone interested enough to do the coding.

As a side note, Ubuntu Core is actually the name of an operating system that is fully based on snaps. What you seem to be asking for is simply a way to run snaps on desktop Linux systems, which is already well supported in multiple distributions and depends only on snapd being installed.

you are right, forget about the ubuntucore in a container)