Suggestions/requests for snapcraft

If anyone has suggestions for snap itself, then surely post the in the comments. and perhaps we might draw enough attention.

I couldn’t find official contact information for the maintainers of snap, but expecting they probably come on the forums I decided to describe things here.

Now snap packages get a lot more common, there are some things that would greatly benefit in the long term. and which might also attract more developers and users.

suggestion/request 1. Shared library’s between packages. this can be done in multiple ways for example by using a snap installer which still holds all library’s for compatibility purposes, but on install it can either check if the library is on the machine and otherwise install it. now this might be a harder way to make compatibility sure. but here is my second alternative that is easy to implement, and which should work on al distro’s: add a specific folder for the librarys and shared resources specifically for snaps. this way you might still have a double library(one for the system and one for the snap packages) but it still saves a lot of diskspace because not every program has a copy of the same library. also this has potential to also save cpu, ram and increase disk speeds as well(this version should be a lot safer and more easy to implement).
(in the future saving disk space can give it a great advantage over other alternatives and os’s. also if you can by miking a litle change do so much more then that is quite attraactive to look at)

forgot 2.


This is already possible via The content interface, though more runtime snaps needs to be implemented(especially a Qt one) IMO.

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