Suggestion about speeding up classic confinement queries for standalone shell programs

Hi ! Everyone @system

Couldn’t we speed up requests for standalone shell programs ?

We could write scripts to automate the most useful processes, such as searching for a few key words in the submitted programs, that could compromise a system. I’m of course talking about programs executable on GNU/Linux operating system.

Unless you mean an actual shell (like bash or an terminal emulator like Alacritty etc) the usual command-line programs do not generally fall within one of the supported categories for classic confinement as per - so unless I am mistaken I don’t think this suggestion is relevant unfortunately.

Hi @alexmurray

I wrote a program called am-okay, it’s a standalone shell program with a classic confinement, but the upload was rejected.

Why then this behavior ?

All uploads for snaps that request classic confinement get rejected by the store - then a discussion is held here on the forum to determine if the snap in question both requires classic confinement AND fits within one of the existing supported categories. From what I can see in Classic confinement for the `am-okay` program (a powerfull program allowing dynamically to copy or move files/dirs from the terminal) the discussion / evaluation as to whether this does fit within one of the supported categories is still ongoing. Once that is complete, classic confinement may be granted (or not if it is deemed unsuitable) so please continue the discussion over in that thread if you have any further information to provide. Thanks.


Okay @alexmurray .

Thanks !