Submitting request for Device Update for IoT Hub to autoconnect to snapd- control

Hi @review-team,

I am submitting request to auto-connect Azure Device update for IoT Hub snap to Microsoft Delivery Optimization snap per the instructions.

Device update for IoT Hub (DU) allows users to manage and update IoT devices (Documentation). The DU snap enables users to manage and update devices from within the Azure portal while leveraging other Azure services like IoT Edge, Azure Defender etc.

Autoconnection for the below interfaces:

  1. snapd-control: Device Update uses the snapd interface to update the snaps required by the user.

Device Update Snap Project: iot-hub-device-update/snap at feature/snap · Azure/iot-hub-device-update · GitHub

Device Update snap YAML: iot-hub-device-update/snap/snapcraft.yaml at feature/snap · Azure/iot-hub-device-update · GitHub

Documentation for how DU uses snapd: iot-hub-device-update/snap/local at feature/snap · Azure/iot-hub-device-update · GitHub

Thanks, Esha S

Since the entire purpose of this snap seems to be to keep a device updated with new software updates, the use of snapd-control would seem reasonable. However, why not just make use the existing snap auto-update mechanism and simply configure this if needed? -

@alexmurray In this use case, the customers are looking for increased device management support in existing Azure service, user prompted OTA updates. Automatic snap updates, even with additional configurations do not fully meet the customer requirements. Additionally, this is particularly useful when users have a mix of devices running RTOS, Windows, Linux along with Ubuntu Core devices needing a single management plane.

I meant to ask here this question:

@eshashah-msft is deviceupdate-agent meant to be published in the global store? I ask since the snapd-control interface is primarily intended to be used by brand store owners instead.

Hi @emitorino,

I can confirm that the intention is for Microsoft to publish this snap to the global store for general consumption.


Thanks @mikecw for the information provided.

I am then +1 on granting auto-connect of snapd-control to deviceupdate-agent since the purpose of this snap is to exactly allow devices management under specific circumnstances. Can other @reviewers please vote?

Since this is a very privileged interface, publisher vetting is required. @Igor can you please perform the vetting? This is a Microsoft snap FYI.

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Given the explicit purpose of this snap, +1 from me for deviceupdate-agent to auto-connect snapd-control once publisher vetting is completed.

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@eshashah-msft I have DM-ed you some questions if you could reply.

+1 from me as well, and I’ve vetted the publisher.

+2 for, 0 against. Granting snapd-control interface auto-connection to this snap. this is now live


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