"strict" track request for MicroK8s


Could we please have a “strict” track for MicroK8s releases? This is a feature track where we will be showing the progress on the strictly confined MicroK8s as we work towards landing this major change on our normal release flow.


It’s been created, +1 as reviewer from me and microk8s has existing tracks.

Note, however, that you need to consider two things:

  1. I’m concerned the strict confinement work would take long enough that you might need to have another strict track for an upcoming point release. If possible, let’s avoid that, as it’ll create a very confusing view of tracks - in that case I have to wonder if having a separate microk8s-strict would be a better approach. I’m hoping you won’t need that long though :slight_smile:
  2. Please document properly the fact that the strict track is experimental and will be abandoned at some point once that work is integrated in the main snap. Otherwise people trying it will become stranded and not get any updates without explicit actions. I even wonder if a strict branch which does expire and move people to the parent channel would be a better fit; if you plan to work actively on this, releasing stuff to the branch every 30 days so the branch doesn’t close automatically should be feasible.

With #2, you can even have a strict branch under any and all supported tracks you want :slight_smile:

If you want to not use the strict track and go with branches, let me know and I can remove the track to avoid confusion. If you plan to use it, then, there it is :slight_smile:

  • Daniel