Strawberry, unable to publish snap, review queued

How can this be fixed?

Well, for a start, it would help if you told us what was broken about that page? There’s a link in the footer of every page on that takes you to the issue tracker:

That was the issue. The page didn’t say what’s broken, it only said “Review queued, can’t be released”, I finally found this page: but no reason was given under Automated review, however I deleted some of the old revisions and it started passing again.

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The is certainly difficult to find. It is planned, I think, to migrate the functionality from there into the main site, but that hasn’t happened yet. Without the pages it’s impossible to clear a stuck queue by one’s self. I suspect you had a previous revision that was either waiting on a manual review or the review queue had hit a snag and left a particular revision in a broken unreviewed state causing further revisions to be blocked.