Strange error with desktop-launch


I’m trying to use destop-launch to run an SDL+OpenGL app and have something that works on one machine but gives a strange error on another machine

/snap/gamecake/933/bin/desktop-launch: line 41: /home/shi/.config/user-dirs.dirs: Permission denied

user-dirs.dirs has the same permissions/owners on both, any ideas what might be going wrong here?

I’m trying to link two snaps, one with the core executable built for each architecture and another with platform independent samples, and I have ended up with some scripts calling scripts so it may be be something to do with that setup.

snap install gamecake

is the snap command that works/fails but all I want to do is run a specific script which if run outside of a snaps environment (it expects the gamecake command to be in the path and working), will run just fine,


Maybe there is an easier way of achieving that?


Is the snap online somewhere? I’ll see if I can reproduce it on my system.


It is currently live, I thought I had the content interface all working and then tested it on another machine and it failed.


snap install gamecake

Should get you the same error, or not, I’ve tested it on a couple of machines now and it is just this one machine it is unhappy on.

source with snapcraft.yaml is at and