Store upload error


I am trying to upload snap to store. The snap is uploaded to edge. But I get this error. The snap is correct. What else should I look out for?

Should I add more permissions? What should I add?

Login successful. You now have these capabilities:

snaps:       ['pam-app']
channels:    ['edge']
permissions: ['package_upload']
expires:     None
root@b8c164956c97:/app# snapcraft upload --release=edge pam-app_latest_amd64.snap
Preparing to upload 'pam-app_latest_amd64.snap'.
After uploading, the resulting snap revision will be released to 'edge' when it passes the Snap Store review.
Install the review-tools from the Snap Store for enhanced checks before uploading this snap.
Pushing 'pam-app_latest_amd64.snap' [===============================================================================================================] 100%
Revision 4 of 'pam-app' created.
Could not retrieve information for 'pam-app'.

Recommended resolution:
Ensure the snap name is correct and that you have permissions to access it.

The permissions aren’t permissive enough, assuming you’re using a login token, you need to regenerate a new token with

--acls package_access,package_push,package_update,package_release