Store search issue on Ubuntu


We recently published new version of FBReader ( Still on the edge channel, but we are expecting the stable release very-very soon.

There is an issue with the store search.

On the site, if I search over the store for “fbreader” I only get our app, and this is fine. However, if I look for FBReader in the Ubuntu store app, there are two items.

The first one is very old version from the open-source FBReader era. I’m afraid, that might be confusing for the users. Is there something we can do to scrap the old version from the search?

It’s just the Debian package synced over to the Ubuntu repositories, isn’t it:

So not a snap, but a deb.

The only way to drop this for future Ubuntu would be to convince the maintainers (see the page above) to drop it. But as long as it builds, has users, and has no major issues, I believe the chances are rather slim.