Store base cores in a local server

Sorry for my so stupid question, I’m very newbie in snapcraft.
Is it possible to store Ubuntu cores 18, 20, 22 in a folder or on a local server to avoid downloading from the internet when initiating a new project?
Something like Docker has, a command to pull the images locally.
Obviously yes. But my question lies in whether there is a ready-made solution.
And for others components like plugs, interfaces, plugins.
If not.
Can anyone give me some tips to do this?

Here there is a tutorial on how to install a server to store data.
But it is an extremely arduous task.
I don’t know why multipass (lxd) doesn’t store plugs, plugins, bases in the cache automatically.
I’m monitoring and 7 GB downloaded per day of work, doesn’t seem to be reasonably.

The core snaps are installed once and kept installed, but note that these are used for runtime. If you’re seeing excessive bandwidth usage during development, maybe you’re cleaning your project before each repack? The actual base images are kept locally but the traffic you’re seeing could be caused by package (re-)installation inside the build instances.