Storage Explorer snap can't access password manager service on multiuser CentOS server

There’s a situation where the Storage Explorer snap is installed (by superuser) on a CentOS 7 server in order to make it usable for multiple simultaneously logged-in users. The admin for this server has encountered app startup issues. Storage Explorer uses the password manager service, which the admin has verified is connected. The app has an internal test which attempts to save and retrieve a password using keytar (the app is an Electron application) and displays an error message if the test is unsuccessful.

Is this multiple, simultaneous user scenario supported by snaps in general?

Admittedly, a multi-user server scenario isn’t common, and therefore something we test for. We could use some Linux/Snap expertise on the subject.

@Arcturus Please add any details I may have missed or might be informative.

We have 5 frontend servers with hundreds of users logged in, and some of them would like to use Storage Explorer but there are often issues. This morning when I tried to start it on a server, it gave the aforementioned error, then later when I tried it it started without issue. I have also seen an issue where only one person at a time can run storage explorer. Also, when using snap refresh to update storage explorer, I have to delete the storage explorer directory in each user’s snap folder or else the update complains about permissions.

There shouldn’t be issues with running a snap as multiple users, but we could have bugs in this area. When you can reproduce a user not being able to start the app, can you run it like so and paste the logs?

SNAP_CONFINE_DEBUG=1  SNAPD_DEBUG=1 snap run <snap-name> ... args ...