Start one snap based on output from another

Hi, I have a problem, and i need some help with figuring out the right approach.

I have 3 snaps. One of them is responsible for select which of the other 2 snaps must be run on the system. how can i achieve this? Could you point me in the right direction?

While i’d personally simply merge them into one snap, there might indeed be technical reasons preventing you from this … what you could do is to use a content interface provided by the first snap and consumed by the other two …

… then have the consumer snaps check for something (i.e. a file you touch in the shared dir) and have them start/not-start conditionally based on this.

Thanks, thats the solution i came up as well. I thought may be there would be a better one. Thanks anyway for the input.

Yeah, it is admittedly not very elegant … but at least works …