SRU verification status for 2.23.6

Version 2.23.6 is currently in {xenial,yakkety}-proposed and needs SRU verification.

The relevant SRU bug:

The automatic checks done by britney are all green:

Once the manual verification is done we can move forward and ask the SRU/release team to copy it to updates.

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The verification hasn’t started yet (currently the focus is on the core snap validation on candidate), I’ll update the status here.

@mvo about 2.23.1 it seems that the verification is done but something is wrong with the SRU bug reference, could you please take a look?

@fgimenez Thank you! Lets move trusty directly to 2.24 then, I will talk with the SRU team.

2.23.6 verification done on xenial and yakkety, details in the bug