Squashfs error when build service building Wekan

Is snap build service broken? I get these errors:

Extracting the package failed: { “runtime-errors”: { “error”: { “msg”: { “manual_review”: true, “text”: “unsquashfs -lls ‘/tmp/tmp3dsn5D/package.snap’ failed: Read on filesystem failed because EOF\nread_uids_guids: failed to read id index table\nFATAL ERROR:failed to uid/gid table\nParallel unsquashfs: Using 4 processors\n” } }, “info”: {}, “warn”: {} } } Is a valid package

I do usually build snap packages myself on my server, because it’s faster than using snap build server. Just curious about what these errors could mean on your snap build service.

This build: https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/snaps/wekan/revisions/323/

snapcraft.yaml here: