Spread testing for Fedora and openSUSE


With the PRs #3406 and #3365 we’ve now landed initial build support for Fedora (25) and openSUSE (42.2) into the main developmenet tree for snapd. This means that every new PR gets build tested on both distributions.

The next step is to land multiple smaller PRs to get the full set of spread tests we have enabled. Right now only a single test case (tests/main/help) is running for both distributions.

From now on, everyone who is submitting a PR has to keep the packaging bits in packaging/{opensuse*,fedora*} in sync with the Debian/Ubuntu ones and needs to ensure his code is working the same way on all distributions.

Thanks for everyone who helped me to get this landed!

Lets get more tests enabled now :slight_smile:

regards, Simon


A set of followup PRs:

All of those are reviewed now. Let’s iterate on the few things, get a 2nd review and merge them :slight_smile: Nice work

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