Something wrong with asciinema packaging


I’ve noticed something wierd about asciinema packaging:

  • in Software app store it looks like this Screenshot-20180526134806-617x529 (it’s the only version there)

  • on it has different author (I assume it’s different build, but there is no way to check build files I know of… which is annoying)

Both snaps are under proprietary license, meanwhile actual program is under GPLv3.

asciinema can be installed from Ubuntu repositories with apt usual way (that version does not show up in Software though).

I wouldn’t trust that author @sabdfl as far as I could throw him. :slight_smile:

Joking aside, the name shown in the store is the nickname of the author shown on the webpage. Hopefully he’ll tweak the licence field.

(And I suppose this is another situation where author verification would be helpful.) is using the snap developer’s display name, which is arguably a bug (there are issues of trust around the display name which we are working to resolve).

Both GNOME’s Software app store and snap info are showing the right thing here.

The ‘Proprietary’ license thing is probably a leftover from an old bug where if the license was unset it was reported as proprietary (or maybe this asciinema has propietary bits and the snap needs a more complex license expression?); the snap’s developer can work around it by editing the License field in the dashboard.

The snap’s developer is @sabdfl, as @mcphail said.

Alright, any ETA on Verification system?

And btw, developer’s name on the store page is Mark Shuttleworth, I assume that’s not actual Shuttleworth, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, it is. @chipaca’s point is that anyone can set their name to be Mark Shuttleworth, but only one developer can be sabdfl. If the webpage showed the developer id rather than a name, it would give more reassurance.