Some snaps won't open on particular hardware. how to debug?


I have a laptop with AMD Ryzen 4750 pro, on Ubuntu 21.04 with linux kernel 5.14 and Mesa 21.3 and some snaps won’t open, like Zotero-snap, LibreOffice and Thunderbird snap, the deb packages of this apps works great without problem.

I’ve been following this problem for quite some time and made the appropriate bug reports.

LibreOffice Snap bug report

Thunderbird Snap bug report

Zotero-snap bug report

The context of this 3 bugs report have the same behavior and are linked by no working in a particular hardware, new AMD laptops chips with kernel 5.11+ at the beginning I thought that it must be problems with drivers that’s why I installed the 5.14 kernel and latest MESA.

But the recent update of the LibreOffice snap to version: Rev: 227 fixed the problem and now LO snap opens in my laptop without problem. So I’m trying to help the Zotero-snap maintainer to fix the snap in this particular hardware, other users have reported that in the newer AMD 5000 laptops chips this problem persist.

So, how does one perform the debug the a snap on a particular hardware and what would be the main things to check or examine when there are problems with a specific snap and hardware??
I’ve never build a snap and I’m try to help debug a snap available on the store.

Thanks for any help!

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