[SOLVED] Interface auto-connection request for the purslane snap


I recently submitted a CLI program, purslane, to be added to the snap store.

This CLI program is requesting read-only access to 1 file in the user’s personal-information interface path $HOME/.purslane as you can see in my requested review for version 1.4.1 of the purslane software.

This file is a configuration file that the CLI reads.

Thanks for your time.

Is there a reason why the snap-specific $HOME (ie $HOME/snap/purslane/current/.purslane)cannot be used for this configuration file? Then there would be no need to access the file in the user’s real home directory?

I did not realize that this was an option. I am a beginner to snap (this is my first snap I have created and I have never used snap before) so I didn’t realize that snap gave each program it’s own home directory.

This morning I read through this thread and learned a lot about snap. Taught me about the home directory, review process, /tmp. All things I didn’t previously find in the snap docs.

I am going to refactor my application. I shouldn’t need any manual approval interfaces after my refactor so I’ll close this thread.