Solution to fixing a configuration error made with set command on a snap?


So I had been troubleshooting Anbox tonight and ended up mistyping - and set and additional parameter. Because of this there is no way to initiate Anbox. I was following this support article on enabling software rendering because of a bug:

In short, I ended doing this-

lsof@lsof-pc:~$ sudo snap get -d anbox
“rootfs-overlay”: {
“enable”: true
“software-rendering”: true,
“software-rendering-enable”: “false”

Instead of typing
$ snap set anbox software-rendering.enable=true
I accidentally typed
$ snap set anbox software-rendering-enable=true

I’d like to somehow nullify or remove the second line “software-rendering-enable”: “false” so Anbox will initialize again. Any way out of this without nuking the snap?


I expect that the issue that is preventing anbox from starting isn’t from when you did

snap set anbox software-rendering-enable=true

which would just leave an extra key in the config, but from doing

snap set anbox software-rendering=true

which has left software-rendering as a boolean instead of as an object. If my intuition is correct, then simply overwriting that with the right thing should work:

snap set anbox software-rendering.enable=true

Having tested this locally, I think I was correct. Give it a try.

Once 2.41 is out you’ll be able to snap unset, to tidy things up.


Ah, thanks so much for your reply. I was not able to get this to work unfortunately. I think I should probably just not stay up super late and get tired enough to start making typos frequently. It’s entirely possible that I botched it with a random misspelling somewhere as well. I guess I could do history to track it down and troubleshoot but I ended up just removing Anbox and adding it back to save time. Really it doesn’t set me back that much, just need to throw the playstore and google services back on. I’m glad to hear the update will include unset once the update rolls out! Thanks again for trying, much appreciated.