Snaps take long time to upload

We have recently moved our application to Ubuntu18.04, from Ubuntu16.04. After doing this our snaps are now taking over an hour to upload, where they used to take like 10 minutes or less. The size of of snaps have increase from around 280MB to around 490MB, but the change in upload time is much longer that I’d expect for that size increase.

Is there any way we can determine why this is taking so long to upload? We have not seen any failure in the uploads.

hi @pcushman, the size change could be do to additional dependencies in 18.04 and as for upload time sometimes the store has a partial outage where upload/download can be slow. Though, I think @roadmr might have a better answer for this.

How are you building? If you are using snapcraft and set “base: core18” you should be using an 18.04 build environment setup by snapcraft to create the build.